Gina's Little Gems - A place where your child can SHINE!
The goal of Gina's Little Gems is to provide a safe, fun, nurturing and educational environment that children can SHINE in!  
You will find the high quality care, academic focus and
structure of a large group center with the comfort, afford ability, flexibility and family-friendly feel that only a licensed in-home family child care can provide.  As an early childhood educator I take pride in making sure every gem develops a LOVE for learning.    

   Current Openings:
              1 Full-time Spot
                     (2 years old and up)
               1 Part-time Spot
          (Thursday Only - 2 years and up)
     Tuition Fees:              
      Children 6 weeks - 24 months:              * NO Part-time Care Available *
      Full-time Care (30-45 hours per week)      $175.00 per week
   Additional Hours                                        $6.00 per hour
      Children 2 years old and up:
      Full-time Care (30-45 hours per week)      $155.00 per week
      Part-time Care & Additional Hours            $5.00 per hour 
      (Children attending 4K will be considered Full-time.)  
      Drop-in Care (All Ages):                            $6.00 per hour
      Maximum hours of care per day is 10. 

Quality Child Care is Not Expensive, It's PRICELESS!

What is YoungStar? It is a quality rating system for
child care in Wisconsin.  Participation in YoungStar is only
required for child care programs that receive Wisconsin Shares payments. Since Gina's Little Gems does not receive
Wisconsin Shares payments, we have decided to not
participate in the YoungStar program.
Because we don't participate in YoungStar we are
unable to care for children on assistance.

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